Blogging no longer exists, kinda…

The first stage of a big vision for this site is complete! is now

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Gifts from Youth Specialties, Interlinc, Simply Youth Ministry

We’re raising funds for a relaunch of this site! Read about the vision and thank-you gifts for your donations.

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Slowing down my blogging pace for a couple weeks

I usually publish something every day except Sundays here at Life In Student Ministry, but over the next couple weeks I need to slow that down considerably…

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An interview with myself about my blog

The following is a written interview I did back in February for someone whose blog has since shut down. This interview was never published, so I got permission…

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Win 6 custom youth group tshirts for your ministry! wants to give away 6 free t-shirts to someone’s youth ministry, custom printed with your logo or design (one color, front only)…

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Beginning to videoblog again

Comments | iTunes | Download | YM Talk

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Why I make youth ministry resources available for free

It seems odd to me that I find myself more and more having to defend why I give away all the youth ministry resources and services on this site for free…

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Where I connect with other youth workers online

I love interacting with youth workers online! I’m often challenged with new perspectives, the stories of how God’s working through other people…

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I’m giving away 5 Unlimited Passes for

I’m very excited about what Life In Student Ministry has become over the past two years. I certainly did not originally intend for this site to grow into…

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New! Life In Student Ministry Mac dashboard widget

If you’re a Mac user and are looking for a new easy way to subscribe to the content here at Life In Student Ministry, check out this new Mac dashboard…

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