Side-by-side comparison of free video hosting services

For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out which is the best online video to use for my video. I’ve been using [tag]YouTube[/tag] mostly just…

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How the Internet affects my right brain

Throughout college and seminary I noticed I was a little different than most of my classmates. Most of them would vigorously take notes, copying down word for…

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Essential WordPress Plugins

Akismet: Filters all those nasty spam comments.

IImage Browser: Great tool for uploading and organizing images for your blog posts.

Optimal Title: Titles…

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How to organize draft posts for your blog

WordPress is a phenomenal blogging system that I love deeply, but it really does a poor job of organizing all my draft posts. They’re all just lined up…

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Blogging tips for pastors

Cory Miller of contacted me a while back and asked if I’d answer some questions for his series, “Blogging for Pastors…

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Youth ministry blogging is not popular

Almost two weeks ago I did a little experiment. I realize blogging about youth ministry addresses a very small minority of web users and was interested to see…

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Why I’m attracted to blogging

Last week I had an extended conversation with a friend who’s graduating from Bible college this semester. She came to me saying, “I’m…

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My Dad is now blogging

My dad started blogging this month if anyone wants to check him out. He already journals and generates so much content that this is almost a natural step for…

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One year anniversary of my blog

This day last year I had slow night and randomly decided to register and build a blog. There really wasn’t any direction or purpose…

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My first videoblog

Just thought I’d try it out to see how much time it takes to get something recorded and published. Surprisingly, the whole process after recording only…

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