Two year anniversary of this blog

Woah, that came up fast! I just read my one year anniversary post and a lot has changed since then.
Last Year
This time last year I recorded 30,000 visitors for…

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My blog is officially transfered

A couple days ago I announced that I was planning to migrate my blog to virtual private server. It took me Friday night and all day Saturday and it’s…

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My blog is tired and stressed out!

Well, you guys have done it! You’ve successfully maxed out my shared web hosting account and brought my site to a standstill. For the past couple months…

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Positives and negatives of pastors blogging

In case you missed this back in my very long interview post:
Here are 10 positive reasons of why I think pastors should blog:
1. Churches across America…

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Interview: Analysis of blogs written by pastors

A couple weeks ago I got an email from a Journalism graduate student at the University of Kansas. She’s conducting an analysis of blogs written by pastors…

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Thinking Blogger Award

Looks like I was tagged by Brian Eberly with the “Thinking Blogger Award.” Thanks, Brian! Now I’m supposed to tag 5 more bloggers who cause me…

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Some links to check out

Some notes on dealing with conflict.
Someone who shares my feelings on fundraising for Youth Groups: Part 1, Part 2
If you’re a blogger, this is a good…

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Christian bloggers network

In case you’re looking for a list of some Christians bloggers, here are some as compiled by Mark Kelly. I don’t know who most of them are, but they…

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Terapad review: A new blogging platform youth group websites

Using Blogger to communicate youth group news isn’t really a new idea. I know of several churches that use it quite effectively. However, a new blogging…

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My most popular blog posts of 2006

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed as I look over my blog stats for 2006 and see which posts where the most popular last year. As I said before…

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