Time Out

Dealing with Spiritual Warfare [Time Out]

In ministry we sometimes fail to see the influence of the enemy in the lives of people around us.

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I am an unfaithful spouse [Time Out]

God asked Hosea to marry a whore to be an example of what Israel was doing in their relationship with Him, but we still do the same today.

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Jesus relates to our ministry weaknesses [Time Out]

Sometimes we confuse sinlessness for perfection and think that Jesus was absolutely perfect in everything.

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Ministry = My failure + God’s grace [Time Out]

We all have failures. When you look at Scripture, even the disciples failed. God’s grace is sufficient for us, and it’s an invitation to ministry.

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Money: Great Servant, Terrible Master [Time Out]

Money is great when it serves us, but if we start to serve money then it becomes a terrible master.

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The past will help us move forward in 2012 [Time Out]

Evaluating the last year’s ministry is always healthy, but we first need to look to the past to learn what brought us to where we are today.

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I don’t have the time for patience!!! [Time Out]

When ministry moves slowly, when the church board drags their feet making a decision, when life frustrates you, be patient.

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My response to an unsupportive parent meeting [Time Out]

Coming out of my youth ministry’s first parent meeting, many of the parents were unsupportive of me and the youth group’s direction.

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Approaching God with conditions [Time Out]

What’s holding you back from following the Lord as your first priority? Are you approaching Him with conditions?

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How exercise, rest, and healthy eating impact my ministry [Time Out]

Taking care of yourself with exercise, rest, and eating healthy will tremendously impact your ministry to others.

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