Make this a trend: Teach beyond behavior modification

The foundation of scripture is essential., but we have to start with scripture and wrap our lives around it, not the other way around.

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Formulating contextualized visions and philosophies

Instead of copying another church’s vision, ministries are now formulating their own vision and philosophy of ministry, unique for their context.

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12 months of devotions for youth workers [Freebie Friday]

Download 12 months of free devotions written by youth workers specifically to encourage youth workers in youth ministry.

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A family-based approach to youth ministry

A trend in youth ministry is moving toward a family-based approach to youth ministry.

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The role of the youth pastor is changing

A trend that seems to be taking place in youth ministry and directing its future is that churches are changing the role of the youth pastor.

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Where youth ministry is going

What’s the future of youth ministry? Where is all this heading? Here are some trends that seem to give some direction.

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Evangelism discussion questions for Nickelback’s...

Download this free small group discussion guide that accompanies Nickelback’s song, “Savin’ Me.”

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Jesus relates to our ministry weaknesses [Time Out]

Sometimes we confuse sinlessness for perfection and think that Jesus was absolutely perfect in everything.

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Free church postcards, logos, slides, and more! [Freebie Friday]

Download free graphics from a gallery of church postcards, logos, slides, and more from!

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Huge announcement for my website business,

After serving churches and ministry organizations through, Immerseme is acquiring it!

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