Christmas movie Bible studies from Interlinc [Freebie Friday]

Interlinc is offering free Bible study lessons for download for the movies, A Christmas Carol, and, Narnia.

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5 ways to improve your ministry in 2012

The new year is a natural time to implement changes in our ministry that will help it become more focused and effective in 2012.

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My response to an unsupportive parent meeting [Time Out]

Coming out of my youth ministry’s first parent meeting, many of the parents were unsupportive of me and the youth group’s direction.

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“The (Giving) Spirit of Christmas” lesson [Freebie Friday]

Download this free Christmas bible study lesson for your youth group on the spirit of giving.

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I’m on the Dare 2 Share blogging team!

Dare 2 Share has officially launched their new blog and I’m honored to be one of the contributing authors along with Greg Stier and Jason Lamb!

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Dealing with angry parents training guide [Freebie Friday]

Download this free training guide to use for yourself or with your adult youth group leaders about how to deal with angry parents!

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How to spread your ideas

A lot of people have great ideas and insights, but how do you share them? How do they spread? Here’s some principles I’ve learned.

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8 week bible study for guys on “Top Shot” faith [Freebie...

Download this free bible study geared specifically for guys! Based on the TV show, Top Shot, teens will learn what it means to have a “top shot” faith.

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