8 ideas for making family your primary ministry [Guest Post]

Serving our family at home is our primary ministry, not our ministry to the church or the youth group. Here’s 8 ideas for doing so.

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I am an unfaithful spouse [Time Out]

God asked Hosea to marry a whore to be an example of what Israel was doing in their relationship with Him, but we still do the same today.

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The Hunger and Thirst Games lesson series [Freebie Friday]

Download this free lesson series for youth groups based on The Hunger Games novels.

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My newest book from Simply Youth Ministry is FREE!

My first free ebook of “130 Youth Ministry Tips” and ideas did so well that I wrote a second one!

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What happens online when you die

When you die, what happens to all your tweets, Facebook posts, pictures, status updates, private messages, and more?

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Free discipleship volunteer training guide [Freebie Friday]

Download this free training guide with your new volunteer adult youth leaders!

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What’s going to happen to LISM now?

Although I’m not serving in full-time vocational youth ministry anymore, my heart and passion for teens and their families hasn’t changed.

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Why I didn’t go back into a church ministry position

It was difficult to picture myself working outside the church instead of in a ministry, but here’s some of why I chose to do it anyway.

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FREE Valentine’s Day youth group lesson [Freebie Friday]

This lesson looks at Ruth and Boaz and what God-centered love looks like in the Bible versus the world’s perspective of love.

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