6 ways to integrate teens into your church

We’re becoming more intentional about integrating teens into the life of the body! Here are 6 ideas for how to do it well.

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Approaching God with conditions [Time Out]

What’s holding you back from following the Lord as your first priority? Are you approaching Him with conditions?

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Free Thanksgiving youth group lesson [Freebie Friday]

Here’s a free youth group lesson you can download for Thanksgiving! It’s titled, “Thankful In All Things.” Enjoy!

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What’s missing from family-based ministry

I’m a big supporter of the return to family-based ministry, but we’re overlooking the most important element of this approach.

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What youth group never taught me about sex before marriage

My story of what I heard in church about sex, but chose to go a different path as a teenager, and how it affected me.

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How exercise, rest, and healthy eating impact my ministry [Time Out]

Taking care of yourself with exercise, rest, and eating healthy will tremendously impact your ministry to others.

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Night of Silence stations kit [Freebie Friday]

Download this free Night of Silence kit for youth groups to use in setting up stations around the youth room to spend time in prayer silently.

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Pastors Kids, parenting, and growing up in ministry

My wife and I grew up as pastors kids. Now we’re parenting our own kids through ministry and blogging about it at

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Using to track ministry receipts

No youth worker enjoys keeping track of ministry receipts and expenses, but Expensify can help take the pain out of those expense reports.

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