Icebreakers, skits and more from Youth Leader Coach [Freebie Friday]

Download free youth ministry resources from Youth Leader Coach, like icebreakers, skits, illustrations, and more!

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I don’t have the time for patience!!! [Time Out]

When ministry moves slowly, when the church board drags their feet making a decision, when life frustrates you, be patient.

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Free Christmas music, devotions, and more! [Freebie Friday]

Download free Christmas music, devotions for youth workers, and more Christmas freebies from SYM, Interlinc, and YM360!

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Using Santa app to make simple video announcements

Here’s a great idea for using talking apps to record simple video announcements for your youth group!

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What I’ve learned from being an entrepreneur this year

I’ve learned a lot from working for myself this past year. Here are some of those lessons and how I’m being stretched through it.

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Reflecting on my first year of unemployment

It’s been a little over a year since I lost my job as a youth pastor and have launched out on the journey of self-employment. I hope this encourages you!

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Vote to give $1,500+ to a youth worker!

We’re down to four youth workers and want to bless one of them financially this Christmas, as voted on by YOU! Watch their stories and vote!

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