Free “Pumpkin Talk” lesson from Interlinc [Freebie Friday]

Download this free lesson from Interlinc that uses a pumpkin as an illustration for finding meaning in our lives through Christ.

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Aiding the adversaries in your church [Time Out]

We have people in our church that make our life difficult. It’s easy to ignore, marginalize or treat them as the enemy.

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10 FREE “Race This” games from Simply Youth Ministry [Freebie...

Download 10 free games from Simply Youth Ministry for grabbing students’ attention before youth group!

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6 things I’ve learned as a volunteer youth worker

I’m learning a lot about youth ministry going from a paid youth pastor to a volunteer youth leader. It’s been a lot of fun!

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10 tips for shooting youth group video announcements

Here are 10 tips for youth workers who want to communicate their youth group news via video announcements.

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The secret behind building your ministry [Time Out]

Kids like to wrestle their dads and think they can actually knock them over, so we probably feel about building our ministry. It’s really God working with us.

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Free lesson on learning to follow God [Freebie Friday]

YM360 is giving away a free lesson on Jonah’s life, helping students identify what running away from God looks like and how to move toward His will in life.

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What would change?

What would change if church leaders operated as those who create space for the faithful in the church to facilitate change?

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Using long car rides to connect

Two ideas for using long car rides to connect with teenagers, even if they’re in the back of the bus listening to their ipods.

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