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Never say, “I’m sorry,” in ministry [Time Out]

Someone said to never say, “I’m sorry,” in ministry because it’s admitting that you’re wrong. That’s terrible advice.

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Evangelism lesson and videos from Greg Stier [Freebie Friday]

Snag this free evangelism lesson and videos from Greg Stier to train your youth group how to overcome their fear of sharing Christ.

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A ministry resume that gets noticed

If you’re looking for a ministry position, here are some considerations as well as tips for how to get your ministry resume noticed.

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Arrogant Student Leaders

How would you answer this youth worker’s question about student leaders who are running ministry on their own with no adults or input from youth leaders?

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Next YM Mentoring round is accepting applicants

Experience one-on-one coaching with a youth ministry veteran for 10 weeks!

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I need other Christians [Time Out]

When serving the Lord in ministry, relationships are critical to sustain us.

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Video and talksheet on abandoning faith [Freebie Friday]

Use this free video and discussion guide from the Fuller Youth Institute on teenagers who go to college and abandon their faith.

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The best thing you can do for families in your ministry

The divorce rate among Christians is similar to that of unbelievers, but when a married couple prays together, that statistic drops.

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