Need some encouragement?

If you work with teenagers and need some encouragement today, watch this video.

[ ht Greg Stier ]

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What I like about my local youth pastor network

Every Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM I meet with a couple other youth pastors from different churches in my community. There’s a lot to like about the group…

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My response to Zondervan releasing Mark Oestreicher from Youth Specialites

Normally I don’t use my blog to voice opinions about current events, but Zondervan’s press release about releasing Mark Oestreicher from Youth…

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Signs that you should back away from a church’s youth ministry...

It’s really starting to anger me to hear so many stories from youth pastors about how their unhealthy, sick and twisted churches beat them until they drop…

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Time Out: Leadership (Nehemiah)

Time Out (by Jerry Schmoyer)
My name is Nehemiah. I was a leader of the Jews. Some people think being a leader is hard. It’s really quite easy. All you…

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Serving as a woman in youth ministry [podcast]

Patti Gibbons joined us today to talk from a woman’s perspective about serving in youth ministry. With 22 years of youth ministry experience, she’s…

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How I started our student leadership team

The following is message I received from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. My response to their question is also included below. If you have…

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“Best practices” for our high school small groups

This fall our ministry is launching a couple new high school small groups and I want to make sure our leadership team does all it can to ensure that they are…

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Youth ministry sets the path for the whole church to follow

Last month Dan Kimball blogged about Youth Ministry 3.0 and said something I knew deep down inside somewhere, but had never struck me until he articulated…

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How a season of evaluation transformed our jr. high ministry

About two years ago we had around 20 jr. highers involved in our “go deep” Bible study. It’s a two year course where they study the Old…

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