Warning: ministry can hinder your ministry

If we use Jesus’ ministry as an example for our own, most of us are doing way too much ministry in too many different directions.

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Leadership when your last name is not Stanley, Hybels or Groeschel...

Too often pastors try to imitate great church leaders like Andy Stanley, Bill Hybels and Craig Groeschel rather than being the leader God’s called them to be.

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Turning church consumers into ministry servants

There are both consumers and ministry servants in our churches. We want to help consumers turn into servants, but how?

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Lessons from my 3 year anniversary at Alexandria Covenant Church

Last month, February 18 to be exact, was my 3 year anniversary at Alexandria Covenant Church. Not long, I know, but still significant. I’ve grown and…

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An amazing opportunity to partner with a Haitian church

One of the main objectives for our trip to Haiti last month was to meet with local pastors, build connections and explore the possibility of coordinating an…

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Youth Pastor is more than a title

Sometimes we forget that being a pastor is a spiritual gift, not just a title we’re assigned because we work at a church.

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My interview with the new Youth Specialties Executive Director: Tic Long

I interview Tic Long about his new position at YS and his vision for the future.

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Issues surrounding separate jr. and sr. high youth ministries [podcast]

John Mulholland recently separated his youth group into jr. high and sr. high ministries. He joined us to talk about some of the issues that surround splitting…

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Signs that a youth leader is lacking maturity and healthy adult...

Sometimes youth workers fulfill personal needs by substituting healthy adult relationships for those with teens.

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Time Out: Youth pastor as maestro

Time Out (by Jerry Schmoyer)
We’ve all heard many analogies of pastors (and youth pastors) being shepherds of their sheep. In the Fall of 1988, in the…

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