Should vision be top-down or grassroots?

Should vision flow from a pastor to the people or flow from a grassroots movement among the congregation? What is our role in vision-casting?

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Motivations for work performance in the church

Research shows some findings about what motivates people to perform in the workplace. There are interesting implications for the church.

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What is the role of the youth pastor in a church?

Should the youth pastor do youth ministry on behalf of the church, or guide the church to do the work of the ministry?

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A different approach to using student leaders

How transitioning from a team of “student leaders” to a team of “student servants” can make all the difference.

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Freebie Friday 195: 3 Bible lessons on leadership

This 3-part Bible lesson series is free for all to download. It’s based on Diotrephes’ story in 3 John and talks about leadership.

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Are you thriving at your church?

I’m hearing from a lot of youth workers who are frustrated and struggling with youth ministry in their church context. Is this widespread?

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Freebie Friday 191: Free ebook about student leadership

A free youth ministry ebook download from LeaderTreks about developing student leadership at youth group and the church.

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Do we really need more youth ministry resources?

There are new resource websites appearing all the time, but do we really need more resources? What do youth workers really need?

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Challenge: Write your own job description

If you could write your own job description, what would it say? What roles and responsibilities should be yours and not yours?

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