Jonathan McKee is not a perfect parent! (just like me)

Jonathan McKee’s new book on parenting teenagers is out! It’s a great resource for a training time during your parent meetings.

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10 tips for youth pastor search committees

Youth pastor search committees are a decent method to finding youth worker, but they often make some common mistakes along the way.

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Increasing attendance among the disconnected teens [podcast]

How do you increase attendance at youth group, especially among the teens who are disconnected from the church? Listen to us discuss that and much more.

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I’m in youth ministry again!

Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to since being fired from youth ministry a couple months ago. Thanks for your support!

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When the church does not support its youth ministry [podcast]

This is a solid discussion about youth leaders and youth ministries that feel like they have no or little support from their church.

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See yourself as a participant, not a consumer [Links ‘n Vids]

This week’s Links ‘n Vids highlighting posts about the upcoming weekend at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference!

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Do more in youth ministry in less time [Links ‘n Vids]

This week’s links and videos include blog posts about time management, volunteers, and a chance to win a free copy of my new book!

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When there’s conflict with your senior pastor

How youth workers should handle conflict with their senior pastor and prevent it in the first place.

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Changes we’re making to our youth ministries in 2011 [podcast]

Changes we’re implementing in our ministries for 2011, especially concerning student leadership, outreach, and productivity.

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