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Using highlight videos to build momentum at youth group

Last week I shared 5 ways how video can enhance your youth ministry, but there’s one very important aspect I left that that warrants it’s own post:…

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5 ways video can enhance your ministry this year

The more I use video in my youth ministry, the more I’m convinced that it has the potential to communicate more effectively than any other medium that is…

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Web communication tips for your ministry

The following is an article I wrote for one of my denomination’s publications. I have permission to republish it here for you all. A lot of different social media websites have popped up in the past couple years: YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, Virb, LinkedIn, MetaCafe, DeviantArt, Friendster, […]

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Enhancing communication with changes to our youth group website

Our online communication has changed
One of the most important aspects of any ministry is communication. Two years ago one of the main places that took place…

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Traits of a great stage teacher

In a couple weeks I’m preaching for Graduation Sunday when we recognize all the high school seniors in church services. I’m also the speaker for our…

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When teens and parents won’t commit to youth programs

1. People don’t commit to programs. They commit to relationships. One of the first questions a kid asks before signing up for a youth trip: “Who…

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Evaluating my group’s mid-week communication methods

Later this month I’m speaking at the National Youth Ministry Conference on this very topic. It also came up at as “Best form…

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Podcast: Teaching to large groups of teenagers

Yesterday in our LIVE Youth Ministry Conversation Bill Scott of Xtreme Talk Live and Sound of Light talked with us about “teaching to large groups of…

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Freebie Friday #111: Youth group news video intro

This past October I wrote a two-part blog series for you all explaining the effectiveness of using video to communicate with teens and an actual “how…

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