10 tips for shooting youth group video announcements

Here are 10 tips for youth workers who want to communicate their youth group news via video announcements.

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A ministry resume that gets noticed

If you’re looking for a ministry position, here are some considerations as well as tips for how to get your ministry resume noticed.

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SYM Tools helps you get organized in youth ministry

SYM Tools is a brand new resource that helps youth workers get organized and communicate well!

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Using a parent newsletter to impact teens [interview]

Parent newsletters can be an impactful way to communicate and to help families become spiritually influential.

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Using your church bulletin to make a positive first impression

The bulletin is a tool churches hand out to all attendees every week, but few intentionally think through the impression it makes.

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Technology we use in youth ministry [podcast]

Youth workers discuss tools and technology we use in youth ministry for communication and teaching.

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Guidelines for youth pastors texting students

What guidelines should a youth pastor follow for texting students in their youth group, especially teenagers of the opposite sex?

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4 tips for communicating youth group news

Communicating youth group news and announcements can be tricky. These four tips can help you become more effective.

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2 things we often forget about teaching

Too often youth workers under-estimate the influence of passion and the role of the Holy Spirit when teaching God’s Word.

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10 reasons why you should do lesson prep early

Although we may often put lesson prep off to the last minute, it’s rarely without consequences. Here are 10 reasons why it’s best to prepare early.

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