The future of pulpit teaching?

Will this change the future of communication from the pulpit? It gives the ability to bring up images, change text and form illustrations on the fly, all with…

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Teenagers and technology usage

Church Relevance just posted a survey by The Pew Internet & American Life Project. They polled teenagers aged 12 to 17 to learn more about their use of…

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The power of electronic culture, by Shane Hipps

I’m a guy who enjoys electronics, gizmos and gadgets. I even supported part of my seminary education by doing part-time I.T. administration for a company…

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The conclusion of the NYWC

Wow, what an excellent weekend at the [tag]NYWC[/tag]! Dana and I are both safely home and, although very tired physically, we’re both emotionally…

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Notes and thoughts from second day at NYWC

I wasn’t quite sure what this guy’s point was and, judging by the number of people that left during his…

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Rethinking church service effectiveness

It’s obvious that way too many people attend church every Sunday and never connect with a word that’s said. I could walk into an average church on…

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Terminate communication with “humor”

Ken Sapp posted a good list of ways to lose contact with students, but I’d like to add one more to it: Joke around about sensitive issues like abortion…

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Rules for fighting

In youth group the past two Sundays we’ve have fun talking about how to deal with conflict at home (improv drama is so much fun with this). Conflict is…

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