Q&A: What curriculum do you use with your teens?

A lot of you are submitting questions for the Q&A series here at Life In Student Ministry, which is great! Now I have to try to keep up with them…

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Q&A: How to reduce the number of church meetings by 90%

Heather Hershey, a youth director in Pennsylvania, emailed me concerning a comment I made in previous post about having evening meetings at only church about…

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Comedian Thor Ramsey wants your youth ministry stories

Comedian Thor Ramsey is doing a story on youth ministry and contacted me asking for my most humorous and/or most touching moments in youth ministry.
I have a…

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Internet tools I use in ministry (4 of 6): Facebook

Maybe this should go without saying, but I use Facebook a lot in ministry. Since almost every student has a Facebook account it makes for a great centralized…

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Email is old-school: Three better ideas for communicating with teens

Kids don’t use email to communicate with each other anymore. Although adults have finally caught on and businesses aren’t sure how to function…

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Students want quality time more than anything else

More than anything else, students want people to spend time with them.
A bunch of my youth group kids took an online love language test I posted on our youth…

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How to build an interactive youth group website

I started writing this as a reply to Courtney’s comment on my previous post about my youth group’s website, but it got pretty long and I thought…

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Sending youth group announcements as mass text messages

Chris Day of responded to one of my ideas in 130 Youth Ministry Tips & Ideas ebook about using a Skype-in phone number as an…

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Education needs to be re-educated

I’ve been frustrated with our Christian educational system since I was in elementary school. Now, as an adult, I understand it a little better and know…

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Improving my body language with students

There are two things that are vitally important to any youth ministry: relationships and communication. Even though we can’t have one without the other…

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