Improving my body language with students

There are two things that are vitally important to any youth ministry: relationships and communication. Even though we can’t have one without the other…

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Open the lines of youth group communication

As I prepare to move to a new youth group in Minnesota, one of my first tasks is to establish a system for communication with a couple hundred students, parents…

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Terapad review: A new blogging platform youth group websites

Using Blogger to communicate youth group news isn’t really a new idea. I know of several churches that use it quite effectively. However, a new blogging…

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Issues in Youth Ministry: Summary, highlights and discussion

Here’s a summary list of every issue in youth ministry that’s been mentioned by one of the series contributors. Whew! There certainly are a lot of…

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Why doesn’t our teaching seem to stick?

Last Monday I attended a seminar by Todd Hall, Ph.D., and Mark Matlock’s Wisdom Works…

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Making positive first impressions on youth group visitors

Mark Batterson wrote about their bulletin’s facelift. He said, “Bulletins are first impression pieces so we take it pretty seriously.”


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Issues in Youth Ministry: Greg Stier

What do you see as some of the main issues youth ministry is struggling with today?
A solvent and solid theology of youth ministry as family ministry. I’m…

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Preaching this Sunday… what should I do?

Hmm… Our interim pastor just called me and said that the guest speaker for Sunday had to cancel due to some scheduling conflicts and asked if I’d be…

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Four reasons to put youth group videos on YouTube

I love it when visitors e-mail me with questions. They usually turn out to be excellent blog posts! Here’s one such example:
I am thinking of putting some…

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Blogging tips for pastors

Cory Miller of contacted me a while back and asked if I’d answer some questions for his series, “Blogging for Pastors…

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