5 ways to improve your ministry in 2012

The new year is a natural time to implement changes in our ministry that will help it become more focused and effective in 2012.

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What’s missing from family-based ministry

I’m a big supporter of the return to family-based ministry, but we’re overlooking the most important element of this approach.

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6 things I’ve learned as a volunteer youth worker

I’m learning a lot about youth ministry going from a paid youth pastor to a volunteer youth leader. It’s been a lot of fun!

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The secret behind building your ministry [Time Out]

Kids like to wrestle their dads and think they can actually knock them over, so we probably feel about building our ministry. It’s really God working with us.

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What would change?

What would change if church leaders operated as those who create space for the faithful in the church to facilitate change?

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Arrogant Student Leaders

How would you answer this youth worker’s question about student leaders who are running ministry on their own with no adults or input from youth leaders?

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Which activities can we do with other youth groups?

It’s important to connect with other youth workers in your community for the sake of pursing a common vision. Here are some ideas.

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Putting your senior pastor in his place (part 3)

What is the senior pastor’s role in a youth ministry and how do they best support their youth pastor?

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Can a graduated student leader still serve?

Is it okay for a student leader to graduate from high school and return to youth group to serve as an adult youth leader?

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