When the church does not support its youth ministry [podcast]

This is a solid discussion about youth leaders and youth ministries that feel like they have no or little support from their church.

listen Listen Time: 61 Minutes

Boundaries when leaving a youth ministry [podcast]

When leaving a church as a youth pastor, what boundaries are appropriate to set with the kids and youth group?

listen Listen Time: 59 Minutes

Unleashing your youth group for the gospel [podcast]

An insightful talk with Greg Stier of Dare2Share Ministries about unleashing and training our youth groups for the THE Cause.

listen Listen Time: 67 Minutes

How close should church staff relationships be? [podcast]

What should our relationship with our senior pastor and other staff look like? Should they be friendships or more professional?

listen Listen Time: 63 Minutes

My teens won’t invite their friends to youth group! [podcast]

We discussed many issues that were recently posted at, including what to do when your teens won’t invite friends to youth group.

listen Listen Time: 65 Minutes

When I feel frustrated in ministry, I… [podcast]

If you serve in ministry, you’ve no doubt felt frustrated at one point with someone or something. We discuss how to deal with those frustrations.

listen Listen Time: 67 Minutes

Changes we’re making to our youth ministries in 2011 [podcast]

Changes we’re implementing in our ministries for 2011, especially concerning student leadership, outreach, and productivity.

listen Listen Time: 44 Minutes

I’m a pastor and my church doesn’t feed me [podcast]

In this episode we discuss recent questions posted at We talk about being fed spiritually in ministry and a lot more!

listen Listen Time: 49 Minutes

How youth ministry changes for us around Christmas [podcast]

This is a laid-back conversation among youth workers talking about youth ministry and Christmas.

listen Listen Time: 48 Minutes

How to best evaluate the effectiveness of our ministry [podcast]

Evaluating our ministry is critical. Without it we recycle mistakes, weaknesses and ineffectiveness.

listen Listen Time: 62 Minutes