Answering recent questions from #6 [podcast]

In this show we discuss working with difficult teens, church culture, jr high and sr high working together, and more.

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Helping parents get involved in their teens’ lives [podcast]

We discussed ideas of how our youth ministries can help parents get involved in their teens’ lives. Take a listen!

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How is Facebook changing teens’ relationships and faith? [podcast]

How is Facebook defining relationships and expectations for communication that influences teens’ faith and prayer?

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What works best in training your volunteers? [podcast]

I basically shared my story and asked that you would listen and leave your feedback in the comments below about how we can improve.

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Answering recent questions from #5 [podcast]

This week we discussed several of the questions that you all posted at

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Can a youth worker effectively serve teens in a multi-role position...

Some are the “Minister of Youth and Music.” How do multi-role positions impact the youth ministry of the church?

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The hurdle of faith after high school [podcast]

This discussion covers the hurdle of what typically happens “after high school” in the lives of students. Namely, the erosion of their faith during the college years.

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Best advice and worst advice in youth ministry [podcast]

This was the first LIVE YM Talk where I was not present. I was on vacation in Texas, so Tony Myles graciously stepped up and hosted the show instead. It’s…

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Camp vs Missions Trip vs Conference vs Retreat [podcast]

If your group can go on one trip this summer, would it be camp, a missions trip, a big student conference, or a small retreat? We discuss it!

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New LIVE YM Talk format, Facebook privacy, and more [podcast]

In this podcast we launch a new format for LIVE Youth Ministry Talk Show. It features a panel of guests to return to the show’s original conversational tone.

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