Exploring family family [podcast]

This discussion with Matt Archer reviews the shift his church has taken in combining children and youth ministry into family ministry.

listen Listen Time: 59 Minutes

The passion, process and principles of youth discipleship [podcast]

A discussion about youth discipleship, specifically evaluating the process of discipleship in your ministry.

listen Listen Time: 53 Minutes

Answering recent questions from #4 [podcast]

We talked about questions from, including how to start at a new church, youth group as discussion or lecture, and more.

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Discipling teens through summer missions trips [podcast]

On this episode we about using summer missions trip as a discipleship opportunity. We saw a lot of intense discipleship taking place in Haiti and share how to carry that to your youth ministry.

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Youth ministry in a religiously diverse world [podcast]

As the world becomes religiously diverse, teenagers consider the Bible to be on the same level as the Book of Mormon and the Koran. How do we start to address this value system?

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Leadership when your last name is not Stanley, Hybels or Groeschel...

Too often pastors try to imitate great church leaders like Andy Stanley, Bill Hybels and Craig Groeschel rather than being the leader God’s called them to be.

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Unifying a youth group, sending off graduates, youth group vs church, and...

An open forum discussion about youth group unity, sending graduates off to college, kids who attend youth group and not church, and more.

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Team building in youth ministry [podcast]

Building unity among your team of youth leaders is critically important. This discussion looks at team building in youth ministry.

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Deep and Wide Youth Ministry Q&A [podcast]

Last week Jason Lamb of Dare 2 Share Ministries joined me to talk about the Deep and Wide Youth Ministry for LIVE YM Talk. We had a lot of good interaction over…

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Questions and answers from #3 [podcast]

Every month or two I like to bring to the table some of the questions other ministry workers ask at and have a live discussion about them…

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