Education needs to be re-educated

I’ve been frustrated with our Christian educational system since I was in elementary school. Now, as an adult, I understand it a little better and know…

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Interview: Analysis of blogs written by pastors

A couple weeks ago I got an email from a Journalism graduate student at the University of Kansas. She’s conducting an analysis of blogs written by pastors…

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Thinking Blogger Award

Looks like I was tagged by Brian Eberly with the “Thinking Blogger Award.” Thanks, Brian! Now I’m supposed to tag 5 more bloggers who cause me…

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Improving my body language with students

There are two things that are vitally important to any youth ministry: relationships and communication. Even though we can’t have one without the other…

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Some links to check out

Some notes on dealing with conflict.
Someone who shares my feelings on fundraising for Youth Groups: Part 1, Part 2
If you’re a blogger, this is a good…

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Using on my youth group’s website

We’re all used to the YouTube craze, but maybe there’s something new coming up: lets users broadcast live events over the web…

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New research: PowerPoint hinders the learning process

University of NSW research shows the human brain processes and retains more information if it is digested in either its verbal or written form, but not both at…

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Using Twitter in ministry

After hearing all the hype about Twitter I decided to check it out for myself. Honestly, it was largely disinteresting to me. I wasn’t quite sure what I…

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Christian bloggers network

In case you’re looking for a list of some Christians bloggers, here are some as compiled by Mark Kelly. I don’t know who most of them are, but they…

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Open the lines of youth group communication

As I prepare to move to a new youth group in Minnesota, one of my first tasks is to establish a system for communication with a couple hundred students, parents…

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