This is my 500th post!

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Two year anniversary of this blog

Woah, that came up fast! I just read my one year anniversary post and a lot has changed since then.
Last Year
This time last year I recorded 30,000 visitors for…

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Text messaging youth group t-shirts

Rethinking Youth Ministry posted about a resource called Reactee that prints t-shirts like this:

This is a great idea! Looks to me like Reactee is just using…

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How to build an interactive youth group website

I started writing this as a reply to Courtney’s comment on my previous post about my youth group’s website, but it got pretty long and I thought…

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My blog is officially transfered

A couple days ago I announced that I was planning to migrate my blog to virtual private server. It took me Friday night and all day Saturday and it’s…

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My blog is tired and stressed out!

Well, you guys have done it! You’ve successfully maxed out my shared web hosting account and brought my site to a standstill. For the past couple months…

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Sending youth group announcements as mass text messages

Chris Day of responded to one of my ideas in 130 Youth Ministry Tips & Ideas ebook about using a Skype-in phone number as an…

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Positives and negatives of pastors blogging

In case you missed this back in my very long interview post:
Here are 10 positive reasons of why I think pastors should blog:
1. Churches across America…

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How to write an ebook in 7 steps

Ever since I released my ebook, “130 Youth Ministry Tips & Ideas,” I’ve had a couple requests for this post. This is my first ebook, so…

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Two recent customer service stories

DISCLAIMER: I realize this is totally outside the usual scope of my blog and most readers aren’t interested in this kinda stuff, but I still felt like…

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