Video sites that are better than YouTube

I’ve been using YouTube to host a lot of my online videos, but I’m always disappointed with the video quality it renders when compared with my…

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Make free ringtones from music on your computer

A student in my brother‘s ministry introduced him to, who in turn showed it to me. It’s a pretty slick site! Create an account, upload…

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How to get an Xbox 360 Elite for free

UPDATE: My free Xbox 360 Elite, game of my choice and a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live is here! Check it out!
I’ve been wanting an Xbox 360 for a long…

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Free photo and video editing programs

They’re actually not even programs in the traditional sense. and are both apps that work inside your browser in very 2.0 fashion…

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I’m the 9th most popular Tim on Google

My blog stats are so funny sometimes. People find me through all sorts of random search queries ranging from…

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A Christian music jukebox for my youth group’s website

My youth group has been a subscriber of Interlinc for several years now, so they’ve accumulated quite a large Christian music library. It used to be made…

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A hassle-free solution for backing up your data

When I posted about Simplify Media, the free service for sharing iTunes libraries online with friends, it seemed to be a big hit. I actually used the service…

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I finally received my invitation to!

Woo hoo! I was a long time subscriber to Rhapsody’s music service until last night. My wife and I are getting serious about eliminating all debt, so…

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Think before you post

I saw these videos a while back on Jeff’s blog and tucked ’em away for future reference to use with my youth group kids. Good reminder for myself…

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I’m sharing my entire iTunes library with you

Well, not yet I’m not, but I’m using Simplify Media‘s little application that lets me share share my entire iTunes library over the Internet…

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