Some nerdy tech updates

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about anything nerdy. Time to end the streak!
My Web Host Turned NetDrive
I have 100 GB of storage with my new…

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My site was hacked

Yeah, what a way to start out my wedding: all my websites went down the day before I got married and with the honeymoon afterwards there wasn’t a thing I…

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One year anniversary of my blog

This day last year I had slow night and randomly decided to register and build a blog. There really wasn’t any direction or purpose…

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Youth ministry and culture finally meet technology

I remember back in Bible college when several other youth ministry majors and myself sat around in the back of a van discussing the struggle for America’s…

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Youth ministry rant, technology, and United 93

Perry Noble sure had a nice little rant today about churches that don’t properly support their youth ministries. The idea of no fundraising sounds good to…

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Five free invitations to join

I was fortunate enough to get in as a member for the beta testing of, a program that allows users to exchange their old music CDs for new CDs they…

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“Factions” beta weekend event

Guild Wars “Factions” beta weekend event started today. I’m looking forward to exploring new areas, unlocking new items and skills, but…

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Built myself a “TiVo”

TiVos and other “Personal Video Recorders” (PVR) have been out for a while now and seem to be quickly replacing VCRs. A year or so ago I looked into…

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My first videoblog

Just thought I’d try it out to see how much time it takes to get something recorded and published. Surprisingly, the whole process after recording only…

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Switched to Linux

I finally made the switch. Three of my four computers are now completely dedicated to the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. My church office computer, my laptop…

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