Why doesn’t our teaching seem to stick?

Last Monday I attended a seminar by Todd Hall, Ph.D., and Mark Matlock’s Wisdom Works…

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Making positive first impressions on youth group visitors

Mark Batterson wrote about their bulletin’s facelift. He said, “Bulletins are first impression pieces so we take it pretty seriously.”


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Issues in Youth Ministry: Greg Stier

What do you see as some of the main issues youth ministry is struggling with today?
A solvent and solid theology of youth ministry as family ministry. I’m…

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How to eliminate all spam mail for free

My youth group e-mail address gets a lot of spam, so much that I avoid checking it until I have to just because I hate sifting through all the junk. (Seriously…

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Move over MySpace, Facebook is #1 among teenagers

Research by shows that all the hype over MySpace is quickly dying as teenagers and young adults favor Facebook as the #1 visited website among…

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Side-by-side comparison of free video hosting services

For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out which is the best online video to use for my video. I’ve been using [tag]YouTube[/tag] mostly just…

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How the Internet affects my right brain

Throughout college and seminary I noticed I was a little different than most of my classmates. Most of them would vigorously take notes, copying down word for…

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Essential WordPress Plugins

Akismet: Filters all those nasty spam comments.

IImage Browser: Great tool for uploading and organizing images for your blog posts.

Optimal Title: Titles…

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Pray for even the little things

Last weekend my father-in-law gave me an old laptop (PII 266 MHz, 128 MB memory, 6 GB HDD). I promptly removed Windows 98 in order to install the lightweight…

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How to organize draft posts for your blog

WordPress is a phenomenal blogging system that I love deeply, but it really does a poor job of organizing all my draft posts. They’re all just lined up…

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