Ministry opportunities in video games

For years now I’ve been integrating two things I love: ministry and video games. As movie sales decrease and video game sales increase, this looks more…

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Windows OneCare: Security for (more) money

So let me get this straight: Microsoft is rolling out a subscription plan called OneCare for Windows XP protection and PC health tools for $50 per year. Does…

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Novell Linux Desktop 10 preview

I’ve posted before about my reservations concerning Windows and how I’m looking forward to switching to Linux when I can. I’d make the switch…

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Digital music sales increased due to what?

PC World reported today that digital music sales sky-rocketed last year.
The market for digital music downloads via the Internet and mobile phones nearly…

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Christmas in Guild Wars

I don’t expect anyone else to care about this besides me, but oh well. :P The Christmas update for Guild Wars came out last night and I must say that a…

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Hmmm… Videoblogging. Sounds cool, especially for youth ministry. I’ve never done it, but I guess it makes sense. Blogging with text and podcasts has…

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Online gaming as a mission field

Over at Think Christian Andy posted about how the online gaming community might become a new mission field as Christians start to form their own guilds and…

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What blogging has taught me

The blogging community has taught me three things:
1. We all have something to say
2. We have a need to be heard
3. We want to know that our thoughts are…

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Away with Windows!

I’m really sick of Microsoft Windows. If I wasn’t already so settled into this operating system with all my apps, files, mail, settings, etc., I…

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This whole blogging thing

I’ve really been diggin’ this whole blogging thing lately. It’s such a great way to express your opinions and ideas on basically anything you…

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